Recent LCAS projects of science and academic popularization

In 2007–2008 together with Vilnius St. Josephs seminary and the Research of Genocide and Resistance in Lithuania realised the project “The Meaning and Forms of Representation of the Christening of Lithuania: Critique and Historiographical Role of the Historical Sources Representing Europeanization” (eLKa).

The projects of the development of Lithuanistics for the year 2009–2015, sponsored by the Research Council of Lithuania:

→ “Catholicism and Society in the 20th Century in Lithuania”;
→ “Publication of the Sources of Lithuanian Catholic Church: Visitation Acts of the 17th – 18th c.”;
→ “The Confrontation of the Church with Modernity: Silent Sources of the 19th Century of Lithuanian History”, joint project of the LCAS HRI and the Lithuanian Institute of History;
Ateities draugai. Ateitininkų istorija (iki 1940 metų). The fundamental monograph, which represents history of Ateitininkai federation in the interwar period, by the professor Kęstutis Skupskelis was issued due to the commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of the Ateitininkai.

Sponsored by the European Social Fund, in 2010 LCAS as the partner of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences started a project “Strengthening of the Activity of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Science”,  which helps to develop researchers skills, encourage the development of scientific associations.