About Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Science

LITHUANIAN CATHOLIC ACADEMY OF SCIENCE is the oldest academic organization in Lithuania, active since 1922.

The Academy brings together Lithuanian catholic scholars for common scholarly, cultural and social activities. Being an academic institution, the Academy aims to improve research conditions for individual scholars, seeks to promote the quality of their work, and takes care of young scholars.

The members of the Academy are faithful to the Christian world-view and seek to maintain the harmony between scientific knowledge and moral values. It lays a strong emphasis on the integrity of a scholars’ personality, advocates for high standards of academic life, encourages scholar’s reflection on social responsibility, that should owe its essentials to the Christian world-view.

LCAS is beholden to universal academic values and one of its avowed aims is to integrate Lithuanian studies into world-wide scholarship, stressing Lithuanian culture as an integral part of European Christian civilization.
The Academy along with the American branch of LCAS, which was registered as a separate legal body in the USA in 1972, encourages scholars living abroad to preserve their national identity and contribute to the welfare of their motherland country.

LCAS is a member of the international association of Catholic intellectuals federation Pax Romana, has established working relations with the Bavarian Catholic academy and other academic institutions of Lithuania and Europe. It delegates members to the Council for the Protection of Ethnic Culture, the Commission for Advancement of Lithuanistics and other state institutions and expert groups.

LCAS especially concentrates on the spreading of scholarly, particularly humanitarian and social, knowledge. Aiming for this, the Academy is engaged in publishing activities and organizes conferences, seminars and lectures.